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Adding a performance intercooler can make a tremendous difference to your car's drivability.


If you tow, or do any kind of low speed / high torque driving (such as off roading) then the standard intercooler will struggle to cope. Induction and exhaust gas temps will rise and the engine will become increasingly inefficient. The greater cooling area of a larger intercooler will ensure your engine takes in a cool air charge, even at low speeds, with notably improved torque.


It is possible to install a much larger intercooler onto Defender and Discovery Manual transmission models than the standard item. These intercoolers are approximately two times the size of the standard Td5 intercooler!


All our intercoolers are made exclusively by Serck Services Motorsport or Alisport. Both companies have been suppliers of cooling systems to the motorsport industry for many years. Needless to say that the high quality materials and design and development work that has gone into making our intercoolers, has resulted in products that are quite simply unparalleled in terms of performance and efficiency.


Testing has revealed a pressure drop of less than 5% across the intercooler core (measured at 1 bar), as a result of our unique gas flowed inlet and outlet ports. Excellent air distribution throughout the core, produces rapid heat dissipation, and gives a much denser intake air charge with negligible pressure drop.


Alive Intercoolers are available for the following models:


Defender Performance Intercooler

Defender intercooler


Full Size Performance Intercooler for all Defender 2.5 Td5, and 2.4 TD4 Puma models.

Suitable for all models with or without air conditioning.

Core type:

Fine Fin / Fast road use: £390 +vat



Discovery Td5 Intercooler




Performance Intercooler Discovery TD5 (Manual Transmission)

Price £435 +vat

  Discovery Td5 (Automatic) Intercooler


 Performance Intercooler Discovery TD5

(Auto Transmission)

Price £435 +vat



Intercooler Quality Testing

All our Intercoolers are individually inspected, pressure and leak tested at 25psi, and then certificated prior to despatch to us from the factory.

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