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EGR Bypass Kits

Td5 EGR Bypass Kits 

 EGR kit


This Td5 EGR bypass kit was one of the very first on the market, and has been copied many times since, but always with compromise. Our kit has a straight through design which matches the size of the inlet manifold perfectly, removing the restriction to inlet airflow in the standard EGR valve assemby, which has an adverse effect on performance.This results in improved engine torque, giving a smoother, more flexible engine.

Our EGR replacement body's are made from Aluminium (the same material as the original EGR casting) for long term reliability, and it's resistance to sulphur. The metal blank plates are made from 6mm thick Mild Steel to allow for the extreme temperatures at the exhaust manifold, where stainless steel would eventually fail.

The kit comprises of an Aluminium EGR replacement body, 6mm Mild Steel Blanking Plate(s), a new Gasket, and 2 x Allen Bolts. Full fitting instructions are available in the downloads section of the main website.

There are two kit types available, depending on weather your car has the EGR cooler (heat exchanger) present on the Exhaust manifold to Inlet manifold recirc pipe.

Early cars from 1998>2001 did not have an EGR cooler fitted, where as 2001>2007 Td5's did have a cooler fitted.

The only exception to this rule would be the 2004 model Discovery Td5 with Manual Gearbox, as the outgoing models were not fitted with an EGR cooler. Later EU3 kits are Identical to the early EU2 ones, but come with an additional two 6mm mild steel blank plates for the EGR cooler.

EU2 Engine (98 > 01 Models) Price: £40.00 +vat

EU3 Engine (01 > 07 Models) Price: £45.00 +vat 



TDV6 EGR Bypass




EGR Bypass Kit for all TDV6 Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport models, up to and including 6A Chassis numbers.

Price: £30.00 + vat


















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