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Air Filters

ITG Performance Air Filter




The main benefit of fitting a performance air filter is to allow a less restrictive airflow into the engine, whilst still being extremely effective at capturing fine particles. This is key to providing a more efficient, and hence more powerful engine, as a greater amount of air will be available for combustion.

Over the years, ITG have created the lightest, most capable filters for all fields of motorsport, from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. The same design skills, advanced technology and attention to detail are also used to produce the ITG Profilter range of high grade replacement filters for both road and competition use. With such a pedigree, you can be sure of a quality product with a superior performance – and a highly competitive price.

ITG Filters are the choice of many extreme high end motorsport teams, where top quality filtration and efficient air flow really matters. ITG filters deliver the ultimate balance of both.

Filters are available for the following models:

Discovery TD5

Defender TD5

Discovery 3 TDv6

Range Rover Sport TDv6 & TDv8

Price: £42.50 + vat (All models)

ITG Performance Air Filter Oil

ITG Air Filter Oil


ITG Air Filter Oil - 200ml Aerosol. A thick, sticky filter oil, Suitable for use of our range of ITG, and or own brand of performance air filters.

Please note that these Aerosols cannot be shipped outside of the UK.

Price: £12.00 + vat















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