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What we offer

Beyond Performance 4x4 are now able to offer tailor made remap chip tuning at our Mallusk based store. Each remap is individually written by the owner of Alive Tuning, Gary Wood, to suit each customer's individual requirements and sent via email to us, ready for immediate installation into your Land Rover. 

All remapping is carried out using some of the very finest tuning software, tools and equipment currently available.

We can provide tuning packages to suit your individual needs perfectly depending on whether you require increased fuel efficiency, maximum power or a balance of both.

We also stock the majority of Alive's range of "bolt-on" products, including Performance Intercoolers, Air Filters, Sports Exhaust Systems, Samco Silicone Hoses, EGR Removal kits and much more. Better still - all of our Alive products are on display, feel free to come and inspect the product quality for yourself.

Almost everything in the Alive Tuning range is made in the UK, either by Alive or by specialised companies, most of whom are respected at the highest levels of motorsport. Fanatical attention to detail is the key to Alive's product quality, as every single component has been designed and tested, often over many months, to give optimal results for each given application. No expense is spared in development and manufacturing, therefore although Alive Tuning products may not be the cheapest available, the level of quality is always the best.

Alive actively promote the companies that they work with as this greatly reinforces the credibility of their products, as opposed to masking them under their own branding, where components could be made anywhere!! You can be absolutely certain that any Alive component that Beyond Performance 4x4 sells delivers real results and will give many years of faultless reliability.

For further information, come along, sit down in comfortable surroundings and have a relaxed chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. 

We offer a fitment service for all Alive Tuning products.

Beyond Performance also keep two demonstrator vehicles (TD5 and TD6) so that you can try before you buy!

Contact us to set up a test drive!


*Beyond Performance are also independent Land Rover parts suppliers offering a complete range of both genuine and aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for your Land Rover.