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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below some of our most frequently asked questions, if you have any further questions why not contact us?


  • Do you sell genuine Land rover parts?

    Yes - In addition to offering aftermarket parts we also offer genuine Land Rover parts, these parts are supplied by Land Rover Ltd and give the highest possible assurance of quality. We are able to offer our customers access to a range of over 80,000 genuine Land Rover parts.

    We hold a comprehensive range of genuine Land rover parts in store, however should you require a part that we do not hold in stock, we can order it for you and have it ready for pick up the next day from our store.

  • Do you sell service parts for pick ups?

    Although we sell a vast number of upgrades for pick up vehicles such as alloy wheels, tyres, suspension lifts, grills etc, we do not sell general servicing parts for pick ups.

  • Do you have a workshop for general Land Rover repairs?

    Yes indeed, we have a well equipped workshop which can cater for all customer needs. Whether it is general servicing, MOT preparation or vehicle repairs Beyond Performance 4x4 can assist you.

  • I want to purchase some upgrades for my Pick Up can you supply and fit them?

    Absolutely! we have been fitting accessories to various 4x4's for years. Our fully kitted out workshop is one of the largest 4x4 workshops in Ireland!

  • How are you able to provide replacement Land Rover parts at prices much lower than the original vehicle manufacturer?

    Many people are not aware that most vehicle manufacturers generally only assemble vehicles at their manufacturing plants, they do not actually produce the components that the vehicle is made up of.

    The original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) who supply automotive manufacturers such as Land Rover are free to manufacture the exact product that they manufactured for Land Rover and sell that product under their own branding at a greatly reduced price. This is advantageous to the consumer as it is possible to purchase the same part, made to the same spec at a much lower cost.

    We also sell products which are not made by OEM's but are produced to a similar specification by well known and respected automotive parts manufacturers.

    All our products carry a 12 month warranty regardless of their price apart from our excellent Allmakes PR2 range which carrys a two year warranty!

  • Do lower prices mean lower quality?

     Yes, unfortunately in some cases it can.

    Beyond Performance 4x4, however took the decision from the beginning to only stock only quality Land Rover replacement parts - i.e parts that we would be comfortable with fitting to our own vehicles!

    We deliberately chose to work with two of the most respected wholesalers of replacement Land rover parts in the industry - Allmakes 4x4 and Bearmach. Both companies possess ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and only supply components which have been rigourously tested. 

    Yes you may find some Land Rover products for extremely low prices on the internet, but do they fit first time, come with aftermarket support, or even last as long?

    Every one of our products do all of the above and are still extremely well priced!


  • Do you take card payments?

    Yes - We take all major debit and credit cards.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We regularly ship products all over the world, however the majority of our products are sold within Ireland.

    We next day delivery charges are unbelievably low and can even be tracked!

    Northern Ireland: £5.00

    Southern Ireland: £6.50

    (Up to 30kgs)


  • How far are you from Belfast?

    Beyond Performance 4x4 is located in Mallusk, just 10 minutes from Belfast.

    We are centrally located just off the main M2 motorway , come off at Junction 4 (Sandyknowes roundabout) and head for Mallusk, turn right at the lights, Wilsons Auctions will now be on your left hand side, continue up th Mallusk Road, passing the Maxol petrol station on your right, and Magowans tyres on your left. Take the next left onto Hydepark Road.

Beyond Performance Remapping

  • So what advantages does a remap give, over the plug in type tuning modules?

    Our ecu remaps give a much safer, more reliable tune than what any kind of 'plug and play' tuning box could ever deliver. This is because the external tuning devices can only alter certain settings, as detailed above. The remapped eprom is inside of the engines ecu, so works seamlessly with all other map data, and software to ensure the best possible performance, and drivability.
    We extract the original software from the engine management ecu, often via the car's diagnostic port, and then modify specific map data to optimise certain characteristics of the engine. The most important aspect of this for us, is the removal of flat spots, to give a really smooth drive. This is something often overlooked by other tuners, who just 'turn up the power'! Once this has been achieved, then we can add more power and torque to really liven up the engine, but without sacrificing fuel economy under normal driving conditions.

    There are many people offering ecu remaps, but be aware that often these people have little experiance of the engine you have, and so could not possibly achieve the kind of results that a specialist tuner could. Don't be taken in by cheap remaps offered on auction sites, as you will almost certainly have problems with smoke, drivability, and fuel economy. Often we see the aftermath of this, when we have to rectify faults caused by this, and it is the customer that ends up paying again for another remap.

    The bottom line is, there is simply no better way to produce more power, safely, than to have an ecu remap by a reputable company, that specialises in your car!
    When driving In Europe, it is recommended to use Euro Diesel. Other countries may have high sulphur diesel, which will seriously inhibit tuning potential. Here in the UK, the quality of fuel we have is excellent, and our climate is pretty good too (for tuning anyway!), as we have air temperatures that span from about as low as -15 to around +33 degrees Celsius, throughout the seasons.